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infant handsI love the Lord and I’m definitely prolife. However, I’m insulted when confronted by some prolife/probirth members wanting me to pay them gratitude that I’m alive today, just because I’m adopted.

There is a distinct difference between prolife members and probirth. Prolife members are interested in caring for the poor through the long haul. Probirth members are only interested in saving the life of an infant so it can later be sold. Probirth organizations are backed by adoption brokers who sell infants for tens of thousands of dollars. Once the child is born, the brokers move right into the hospital room to get a mother to permanently sign away her rights to her child. There is nothing Christ like about this behavior. Plus, probirth organizations have written laws that have been enacted in the fifty states called punitive father laws. These laws make it easy to steal an infant. They have also reduced the amount of time a young distressed mother may take to rescind her decision to relinquish her child – legalized stealing.

I believe that the Lord has infinite wisdom and knew what he was doing when he formed me in the particular womb he personally chose, just for me. He knew that she was unmarried, he knew that she was young, and he knew that she was very poor. He also knew my father, and that he too was young and poor. He knew the community, and he knew that through a lack of support I would be given elsewhere. That was not his design.

The reason I was given elsewhere was not because of any Biblical belief that unmarried women should not care for their children, because even in 1 Kings 3:16-28, Solomon had to decide the real mother between two arguing prostitutes over one son. He wisely determined which one was the real mother, and he returned the child to her. If that child had come before the courts today, neither woman would have walked away with the child. He would have been sold to a more suitable couple, or the highest bidder who would have self-righteously decided that they deserved it more because of their religious values, finances, and social status. It’s referred to in the Bible as covetous behavior.

Covetous behavior is when God gives something to someone else you think you deserve more and you will do whatever it takes to get it. King David had a covetous eye for Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11) even though he already had other wives and Uriah had only one. It caused considerable hardship in David’s personal life and in his kingdom. Covetous behavior results when we see our neighbor being blessed with something we think we deserve more, so we create a way to legally steal it from them; thus the punitive father laws that outwit a father from being able to take custody of his own child. Instead, the infant is sold to an infertile couple for tens of thousands of dollars, depending on race, and the monies for the infant are divided between adoption brokers (some call themselves Religious) and lawyers. The poor do not even receive the monies for the sale of their own infants.

I refuse to judge the infertile. They are an extremely wounded group of people strongly desiring children but unable to have their own. The wound is insurmountable grief that in some cases makes them desperate. Sarah and Rachel both chose to have their husbands have sexual relations with other women to produce surrogate/adoptive children for them. This speaks volumes of the desperation (Genesis 16, Genesis 30). Enters probirth activists that see nothing wrong with pitting the poor and the infertile against one another; what the Bible calls covetous behavior. I wish I could remember how many times I’ve heard activists say, “Don’t kill that baby. There are people that would give anything to have one and can’t.” They parade around with signs exploiting poor children to entice the infertile to join their ranks. “You would even cast lots for the fatherless and barter away your friend.” Job 6:27.

Unfortunately, the poor don’t want to give away their children and they don’t want them sold either. That’s not selfishness; expecting them to give away their children so they can be sold to fill a desire is inhuman. “Never! Can a mother forget her nursing child? Can she feel no love for the child she has borne? But even if that were possible, I would not forget you!” Isaiah 49:15 NLT

It’s important to remember that God gave us Ten Commandments, not one. Probirth groups are not my savior, mine is Christ. Probirth groups do not place children in better families than God Almighty. Writing laws to make it easier to remove a father’s rights is called stealing. Pitting the infertile against the poor is called coveting. Decide if you are really prolife or probirth. Prolife requires a lifetime commitment to help the poor maintain their families. Probirth offers up merchandise to exploit, sell, and save under the guise of Christ.

We’re not called to have cable television, two cars, WIFI, personal residences, multiple bathrooms, exercise programs to manage our weight, carts full of groceries, smart phone, but God has repeatedly commanded us to care for the poor. Not own them, care for them.

I can hear it now. What if their parents are using drugs, in prostitution, doing unspeakable acts….? We are called to pray for them, encourage them, and offer up services to help them; not permanently remove their children. Plus, their children are typically in foster care; they are not the sweet smelling infants sold for tens upon thousands of dollars. Probirth groups do not advocate for foster children, and when they do it’s a minimal disappointing footnote.

Present day adoption is a cheap evil fix on caring for the poor. It takes an infant tax payers and churches may have had to support, and turns the responsibility over to their wealthier covetous neighbors. Personally it costs the religious nothing. It costs the poor everything. The religious call it a win-win. “On reaching Jerusalem, Jesus entered the temple courts and began driving out those who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves,” Mark 11:15 NIV. This is how Jesus treated church leader who only sold sacrifices, imagine how he feels about selling human babies.


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