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New Year's Eve at Hastings Bowl - Luida.

New Year’s Eve at Hastings Bowl – Luida.

Last night was fun.  We went bowling as a family; there were nine of us that actually played the game and since we have children we use the bumpers.  The bumpers are great for those of us who bowl once a year.  You get points at least once per round.  The boys grumbled about it, but it all honesty there were a few rounds where they wouldn’t have gotten any points either.  Charlie and Gram watched and they both complained.  Mom complained about everybody, and Charlie complained about gram.

Charlie and I ordered a pitcher of Sprite and beer.  All the adults had beer while my mother grumbled that I paid for it and no one offered to pitch in.  Of course, she didn’t either.  She had Charlie fill her glass with beer and then she decided that Alex would probably want more, so she quick drank a few swallows and told Charlie to “Quick fill my glass before he gets it.”

On the way out, the younger kids wanted to play the candy machine.  You put in a quarter and play until a nickel piece of candy comes out.  It takes time and my mother wanted to go home.  She began bellering, “Hurry up.”  Then she’d sit and pout.

The evening topper was when mom tried to pick a fight with a blind woman who didn’t look blind.  With all the snow in Michigan, we were instructed to leave our shoes at the door of the bowling alley.  I had mom waiting by the door, sitting on her walker.  The woman was convinced that her boots were under the walker.  I didn’t get that she was blind at first either until I saw her cane folded in her arms.  I immediately began helping her look for her boots and my mother began complaining about it.  “Let her do it herself.”  I tried to ignore her and I tried to push the walker out of the way so the woman could sit in the chair; my mother put her feet firmly on the floor resisting any movement of the walker.  I tried to help the woman into the chair I was sitting in and mom yelled, “Don’t give her your chair.”  I helped the woman sit down around all the shoes, and I placed her bowling shoes on the counter for her.  My mother again complaining embarrassingly loud about all the help I was giving the young woman.  Since mom’s hearing is at 80% loss when she complains it’s quite loud.  Finally, I helped the gal over all the boots to go back to her children, and mom started in about her.  I got up close to my mother and said sternly in her ear, “She’s blind.”  Mom crabbed, “What?”  I snapped quite loudly, “She’s blind.”  I thought that would end it, but no…  Mom yelled, “How do you know?  She sure don’t look blind.”  I about died.

2014 has arrived with it we already experience our first loss, Luida will be returning to Italy today.  I drive her to Detroit Metro and she begins her flight home at 6 pm.  She’s been a tremendous help around the house and with my mother.  Of course, my mother sternly calls her “that woman.”

It’s wrong to deny a 19 year old entry and adoption into this country when you are adopting their 13 and 14 year old siblings.  They are not adult enough to be left alone in any country and they need the guidance of parents and family too.  This whole thing makes me quite sad.  Luida would be a wonderful daughter, productive, social security paying, tax paying American Citizen by now.  Instead, she is heading back to a tough life that makes her lonely and isolated.  There needs to be some serious changes in attitudes and laws.

My first excitement comes in seeing my birth father, Sy and my brothers and maybe my sister.  I haven’t seen them in over a year; Sy lives minutes from Detroit Metro.  Jerred and Shakeria will go with me.  Shakeria is always excited to do something different, so she’s been buzzing for days about the trip.

All is good at the Methvin’s.  I hope all is good with you.  God bless and have a fabulous 2014!

May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.  Psalm 20:4  NIV



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