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Decorating the tree.

With excitement, I’m grateful to announce that Luida came to visit after all.  It has been wonderful to have her in our home.  She’s added another dimension of laughter and gaiety that left with all the idiosyncrasies of late.  All the kids are in the family room laughing and playing games until the early hours of the morning.  They’ve learned new card games, cooking techniques, and some Italian; I love it.

Italians generally don’t own dogs as pets, so Antonia’s world has broaden too since we have three.  He’s five years old and brilliant, but what else would a grandmother say.  He climbs out of bed in the morning and immediately looks for our youngest dog Lucky.  At present Antonio is singing to Lucky in Italian and repeating his name over and over again.  It’s precious.  Lucky is really going to miss Antonia when he goes home, because Lucky follows him all over the house and sits next to him watching television.

Luida cleans!  I know that my house is not the cleanest, but there are currently ten people living here, which is my excuse.  Luida scrubbed two of the bathrooms, and got down on her hands and knees and scrubbed the kitchen and living room floors.  Yeah.  The house feels better, but it doesn’t last long.  Snow clings to shoes so there are wet spots, and of course I either step in a wet spot barefoot or in my socks.  Yuck.

I will always wish that we could have adopted Luida with Marsha and Kohla, but she was 19 and immigration will not allow an adoption of someone over 17.  It seems so unfair with all the illegal’s crossing the border and getting citizenship; we would have gladly made her a permanent part of our family without placing the burden on the US Government.  We would have financially provided for her ourselves and saw to her education and living arrangements.  By now, she would be a productive and vital part of the US economy.  Plus, she would be a legal sibling to her brother and sister, and of course, our legal daughter.  I will never understand.

Cursed be anyone who deprives the alien, the orphan, and the widow of justice.  All the people shall say, Amen!  Deuteronomy 27:19 (NRSV)


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