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Pass the pills, PLEASE!

Pass the pills, PLEASE!

At 90 years old, my adoptive mother listens to Dr. Oz like he’s a health god and then wants whatever he’s peddling, especially what’s in pill form.  Granted her health could use major improvement, but she’s looking for the magic pill that will remove all her pain and turn the clock back until she was 18.  My husband and I decided we should ban Dr. Oz.

Mom loves Dr. Oz and will run into her bedroom and shut the door when he comes on television, and since she’s in her room she doesn’t have to wear her magic TV Ears she can turn the volume up to 50 – yes 50.  Of course the rest of us go deaf, and running at ninety means stumbling behind her walker.  It’s one time of the day that she wants no interruptions.  Banging her coffee cup on the table croaking, “Coffee. “  I feel like the star of a bad episode of “Everyone Loves Raymond.”

After one Dr. Oz episode, mom accused all of us of trying to kill her off early because her daily aspirin was eliminated.  I love Hospice, they were the ones who discontinued it, but after listening to her crab about it, they put one back in her daily regime of pills.  All was good until another episode of dear Dr. Oz discussed vitamins.

Just ask Dr. Oz, vitamin D gets your kidney’s functioning properly and it can prevent depression, cancer, and heart disease.  Mom wanted one of those immediately; after all, prior to Hospice she was regularly taking a dozen or so vitamins daily and she absolutely remembered that vitamin D was one of them.  The nurse from Hospice apologetically told mom, “No.”  Great, a new tragedy.

Fortunately, mom’s ophthalmologist strongly suggested an eye vitamin Areds 2 several days earlier.  Areds 2 can improve some eye conditions.  I discussed it with the Hospice nurse, and she said no problem in taking them but mentioned that Hospice doesn’t provide them.  I ran right to Wal-mart, purchased a bottle, showed mom, gave her one, and that seemed to end the vitamin catastrophe.  She got a vitamin; it seems any vitamin would do.  Tragedy over.

You may have noticed that I spend most of my adoption blog discussing my elderly adoptive mother and not my children, adoptive or genetic.  My mother is the most daunting issue on my plate these days, and I would hope that those who are concerned about open adoptions take notice that I have not abandoned my adoptive mother because I have genetic relationships available to me.

Even though I was molested and terrorized by some of my adopter’s friends and relatives without intervention, forgiveness is not optional – it’s mandatory.  I do not feel sorry for myself, nor am I looking for revenge, but want you to understand as an adoptive parent the more openness you give the more you will receive.  The birth family may be less than perfect, but so are the adopter’s.  God bless and keep it open.

For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  Matthew 6:14 NIV

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  1. Ike Henny says:

    My elderly mother-in-law lives with us and loves Dr. Oz too. If he’s selling it, she wants it. It’s nice to see we’re not alone.

    • Jill Methvin says:

      Thanks. I’m sure the items on the show are all excellent, but it’s maddening when you’re dealing with someone who has dementia and they want it all! Gotta love it.

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