Christian School Introduces Birth Control

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babykavon cutBaby Kavon spent the weekend with us with all the crying and dependence that goes with an infant.  Baby Kavon is an anatomically correct electronic male doll that simulates a real baby.  The doll is part of a Life Skills class my son is taking as a high school senior at Barry County Christian Schools.  My 17 year old son, Marquell, got a small window of what it would be like to have a real baby in his custody for three very long days.

Baby Kavon was renamed by my son, since Kevin didn’t sound African American enough.  The electronic baby is sensitive enough that he measures the body warmth he receives, how much time he is cuddled when he cries, how long he cries without someone tending to his needs.  All the information is logged from the identification wristband my son had to wear with the doll in his custody.  The teacher can tell how long the baby has sat in his carrier without being picked up, if his diaper has been changed, if he’s been fed, if his clothes are weather appropriate, if he is burped, rocked, and all sorts of other information.

At 4:30 AM Saturday morning I woke up to the baby crying, once I figured out what it was I smiled turned over and went back to sleep.  Of course, my son sat up with baby for 30 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong with him.  Baby Kavon began crying again at 6:30 AM, which almost made me laugh out loud.

On Saturday evening our family attended the Tim Hawkins Christian Comedy Show at a very large church in Grand Rapids, and of course Baby Kavon came with us.  We sat in the back of the church so my son could easily get in and out without disturbing others.  I watched my son get up and walk out of the church with the baby many times.  I couldn’t always decide which was funnier my son fiddling with the doll or the comedy show.  Several folks asked to see the baby, he showed them and they looked confused.  On fellow laughed and said he had to take that class too.

By Sunday morning, my son looked like he’s been drawn through a knot hole backwards.  His eyes were sunk into the back of his head, his shoulders were slumped, and he complained about exhaustion.  His girlfriend took Baby Kavon for the afternoon and Marquell slept.  My son has difficulties with sleep, and I have taken him for sleep testing without much resolve, but for that afternoon he slept like a baby (excuse the pun).




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