ACLU and Catholic Church Team Up Against Pennsylvania Adoption Bill

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catholic churchThe Pennsylvania legislature has a bill HB 162 to open original records to adoptees.  Unfortunately, the ACLU and the Catholic Church have teamed up to stop the bill from going through.

“Evil thrives when good people do nothing,” by Edmund Burke.

Or worse, when good people encourage it.  That goes for the church too.  Roe vs. Wade happened because the church was disrespectful to pregnant girls.  The finger pointing, the shame, and the hostility that was shown these girls from many pulpits and church attenders alike was disgraceful.  If you found yourself pregnant, you either got married, gave the child away, or had an abortion.  Unfortunately, many Christian daughters had abortions just to keep from embarrassing their parents.

In the church where I spent my childhood, I remember one woman who was brave enough to keep her child back in the 60s and the church leaders were going to permanently refuse to give her communion.  The stigma that went along with having an illegitimate child in those days was based upon poor Christian leadership rather than Jesus.

I love to listen to television ministry and one of my favorite preachers talks about the “er” factor.  We all want more “er” than the next person.  That means we want to be thinner, nicer, and better.  Previous to Roe vs. Wade that included pregnant girls.

I was pregnant in 1972 and “forced” into marriage.  (My ex-husband would concur on this topic.  The shotgun was aimed at both of us.)  It was also at the same time as Roe vs. Wade.  I honestly remember thinking that the church would be happy about the law’s passage since they would no longer have to deal with “us bastards.”

I can still remember one drunken member of our church who wanted me tarred and feathered because I was pregnant at the age of 17, but at the same time he didn’t hesitate to buy kegs of beer for teen parties and allow them on his property.  My pregnancy somehow made him better.

Yes, I was also a bastard.  My adoption in the 1950s placed me into the bastard category.  The King James Version of the Bible uses the term bastard four times.  Since the term was pointed directly at me, and others in my position, I heard it loud and clear when it was used, especially from the pulpit.  In those days, preachers liked to throw the term around.  That made many people better than me; actually that made almost everybody better than me.

Big surprise, I quit going to church for over a decade after my divorce at age 20.  When I returned pregnant girls, not having abortions, were being celebrated.  I didn’t recognize any of these people in the church.  I discovered that the church was opposed to abortion, which was an even bigger shock because nothing in their behavior indicated that previously.

I even discovered “Christian” groups to stop abortions.  However, there is still no respect for adoption.  The secrecy in the adoption community doesn’t show respect, it shows a lack of understanding, caring, and extremely cruel judgments.

The PCC’s Francis Viglietta testified before the Pennsylvania legislature, “Common sense tells us that a woman faced with the difficult decision of whether to place her child for adoption might also be more easily inclined to consider aborting the child if her desire to have her identity remain private was not protected.”

I have to add, “Common sense should dictate that doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, doesn’t work.”  Try doing what Jesus would do – love them.  Offer to help keep mother and child together, with both financial and spiritual help.


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