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More Isn’t Always Better.

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Our pastor had a great sermon last night about life and how we always seem to want more.  He went on to add how more isn’t always better.  I immediately thought, closed infant ADOPTION in the USA. Isn’t that what we’ve been told by adoption profiteers?  Our lives have been blessed because we were adopted […]

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Why Hospice?

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The nurse from Hospice said, “I’m not used to lying to clients.”  Unfortunately had she not, my mother, Gram, would have tried to boot her out of the house like she tried Shakeria’s girlfriend’s mother last night. My parents always had funny ideas, not ha ha funny.  If you came to our house at dinner time, […]

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Worn-out Rag Doll

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My mother fell Friday night and the ambulance took her to the hospital.  The doctor patched her up the best he could, but mom looked like a worn out rag doll.  At 89.5 years old, her skin has no elasticity and is very thin.  He put three staples in her head, and then showed me the […]

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Foster Care Training Fiasco

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Friday night I was busy working on the computer and Shakeria wanted to have a friend over for the evening.  Sounded good to me since friends always keep her very busy and she’s having fun.  I suggested that she invite someone over for the whole day on Saturday, but first ask Pop if it was […]

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